How Direct Towing Bridges the Gap Between Tow Truck Business and Customers?

How Direct Towing Bridges the Gap Between Tow Truck Business and Customers?

Need More Customers For your towing business?

So, you own a tow truck company and want to grow your business. But it isn’t always easy to get more customers on call.

You see, competitors are driving away your customers, and motor clubs are slashing down the prices. And, towing apps are forcing companies to bid against each other to get more tow jobs.

Considering all these factors, when you calculate, you realize that your profit ratio is shrinking down, and business isn’t running that smoothly as it used to be. You’ve realized that the industry is changing, and you need to find a better way to grow your business.

But how to make money in towing business?

Wouldn’t it be great if you get 40 -50 tow calls a day where your tow charges are quite normal, and your customers pay you directly?

Welcome to Direct Towing App. It is a one-of-a-kind local towing service that lets you request the pickup for the services you need. Our roadside assistance provides quick towing solutions in case of emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

Find Nearby Towing Services with Direct Towing

Accidents and car breakdowns are never planned. And, the vehicle owner is helpless in getting his vehicle repaired and get going. In such a case, getting nearby towing services is essential to ensure hassle-free vehicle restoration.

If you’re ever stuck with a broken or exploded tire or trapped in roadside emergencies, download the Direct Towing app and request pickup. Once we locate your place, we dispatch one of our trusted professional partners to your location to get your vehicle towed in a reliable flatbed tow truck.

Our professionals can assist in towing disabled vehicles to your chosen destination or a local repair company. Be it towing a car, truck, SUV, or anything, we are here to assist you.

  • The services that we provide includes:
  • Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance
  • Flat Tire Changing
  • Gas Services
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Accident Assistance

How Does Direct Towing App Works?

Let’s explore how does the Direct towing app works:

  1. Service RequestService Request
    Once the customer registers via modes like email, phone number, or social media login options, they can request roadside assistance in a few simple taps.
  2. Real Time ConnectionsReal Time ConnectionsOnce the user sign-up, he/she shares the crisis location by pin location and the needed service. As per the user location, they will be assigned to the nearest towing shop, and a professional will be given to them to get the job done.
  3. Service CompletionService CompletionOnce you’ve reached your destination, the driver will mark the trip complete. Users can pay directly via the app to the towing service provider. Once the trip is completed, the user can share their reviews and feedback on the towing shop.

How Direct Towing Bridges the Gap Between Tow Truck Business and Customers?
Here’s what makes the Direct towing app stands apart from the rest towing service providers in the town:

Extensive Range of Services
Be it a roadside accident or an emergency, we tow every type of vehicle and bestow services that include:

  • Towing Service
  • Gas & Fuel Service
  • Accident Assistance
  • Flat Tyre

Flatbed Towing
While requesting towing services, the flatbed to tow vehicle comes with the soft nylon straps to secure your vehicle from pickup to destination.

Budget-friendly services
The app gives a good estimate to customers once they request pickup and destination. No hidden charges will bother you once you avail of towing. We guarantee top-notch services at the best price.

Quick & On-time
Meet with an unfortunate circumstance? Get quick and timely support by downloading the app and connecting to the nearest available technical vehicle support in no time.

Team of Skilled and experienced professionals
We house a pool of skilled, insured, and experienced professionals with in-depth technical experience for years. We guarantee to offer the best technical expertise with our services.

Reviews & Feedback
Have you availed a towing service? Great! We will help you serve better with valuable reviews and feedback. It matters to us the most, and we assure we won’t let you down.

Secure payment
Why hassle for cash when you can pay directly? Now, pay quickly for the required services via the Direct towing App. The app is highly secured and safe to safeguard your debit and credit card details.


Let’s pull your vehicles out of trouble in a hassle-free way!

Stuck roadside? Get help in no time! No matter whatever vehicle rescue you need, we’re 24/7 towing service providers to tow your vehicle in just a tap. All you need to do is pin your location, and we’ll be there for you to take you out of trouble. Our qualified and insured professional will be on the way to serve you with the best services in no time.

Feel safe & secured with Direct Towing Services!